Miyerkules, Abril 11, 2012

Jaja Delera (superjaja43/cazdainsane)

To accommodate CN fans, this blog post will be in English.
Did anyone know who is this person putting two thumbs up in the picture above?? To the people who knew this hoaxer, Jaja Delera (superjaja43) is a hoaxer which is currently hunted by Cartoon Network fans. He is notorious on so many hoaxes, including some CN shows like Ben 10, whom he claimed that it is aired on Nickelodeon, or Disney Channel. He is a truck lover and the photo below shows how he loves trucks.
He has many hoaxes in superjaja43, then some are in cazdainsane before it has been hacked. He claimed that some shows on Philippine TV, including ABS-CBN's "Kris TV" and TV5's "Batibot" and "Wiltime Bigtime", even trucks have been aired on Cartoon Network. His former hoax, which he claimed "Oggy and the Cockroaches" have been aired on Cartoon Network, is currently airing on Cartoon Network in Southeast Asia (CN SEA) and the Philippines (independent feed away from CN SEA).
To know more about him, please go to his Facebook account.

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